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20 Places to Visit in 2020 as a Solo Traveler

Solo Travel Destinations

Want to take a solo trip but have no idea where to go? The experts have spoken – here are the 20 places you need to visit in 2020 as a solo traveler!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

Christmas Gift

Holiday gifting season is upon us! Out of gift ideas? Check out these holiday gift ideas for travelers and make your loved ones happy!

Travel Tips for Hurricane Season


Don’t let a hurricane ruin your travels! With these travel tips, you can better prepare for hurricane season and ensure everyone in your group is safe.

How to Fly With Your Dog


There’s no need to adventure without your doggy companion. Here are some tips & tricks so you can fly with your dog and include them in your travels!

My Go-To Books When I Travel Solo

Reading Traveling Beach

Solo travel can mean a lot of downtime. If you’re looking for a new page-turner, check out my go-to books for solo travel!

Rules of Thumb When Flying with a Layover


Planning a trip with a layover? Between flight delays & lost luggage, a lot can ruin your trip. Here’s advice to ensure your trip gets off to a good start!

17 Tips For Driving in Italy

Fiat 500

Driving in Italy may be intimidating but is generally easy. These tips will tell you everything you need to know before driving in Italy!

The Ultimate International Travel Packing List

Packing List

I’ve been to 13 countries and have learned a LOT about packing. Don’t forget anything on your trip with this ultimate international travel packing list!

My Solo Travel Philosophy

Solo Traveler Asia

Once someone becomes a solo traveler, solo travel seems ubiquitous. However, before that point, taking the plunge is terrifying. If you’re terrified, check out my post on the 5 reasons traveling alone makes you a badass. But if you’re ready to take the plunge and just don’t know how to plan your first solo trip, …

My Solo Travel Philosophy read more …

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