Looking for some travel advice?
Don't take a trip without buying travel insurance.

Unexpected cancellations, airline strikes, bad weather, accidents, and more can interrupt your trip.  Travel insurance is the quickest and easiest way to protect yourself & your family while traveling.


Like most of America, I'm stuck in an office during the week.

I need my day job, but I love to travel. Because of that, I start out every year by using the holiday calendar to maximize my vacation time. 

But did you know that nearly a BILLION vacation days go unused in the US every year? That’s insanity! Don’t be a part of that statistic – get out, go explore, and use your vacation days!

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Interested in a quick & easy escape?

Escape to Getaway House! With locations near many major cities, you can get away from the stress and escape to nature.  Getaway House is a tiny cabin “glamping” experience that offers “everything you need and nothing you don’t”.

I visited recently – check out my review of Getaway House tiny cabins here!

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